Target Exploration is a Petroleum and Energy Geosciences Consulting and R&D Company. Established in 1990 at the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea as Target Exploration Consultants and became a UK Limited Company (No. 11605381) at later date. Eversince 1990; Target Exploration has been delivering integrated prospects generation, exploration and evaluation studies of countries, regions, conessions, fields and reservoirs for International Petroleum Companies. It's multidisciplinary geoscientists developed exclusive software packages for wireline log analysis, structural evolution of hydrocarbon basins and traps, statistical newventures evaluation and ranking of fields and E&P concessions. Target Exploration has also been organising the Iraqi Petroleum Conference (IPC) and MENA Oil & Gas Conference series, as well as conducting courses and field-trips since 1999. Target Exploration has an impressive repositary of cores, well-logs, seismic, petroleum; geothermal and HSE databases and Target reports.